27 November 2022

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Maratoi Txiki

Date: November 26

Hours by category:

16: 00h Mixed Infant U12 - Years 2009/2010 (1,200mts - 3 laps)

16: 10h Mixed Alevín U11 - Year 2011 (700mts - 1.75 laps)

16: 20h Mixed Alevín U10 - Year 2012 (700mts - 1.75 laps)

16: 30h Mixed Benjamin U09 - Year 2013 (400mts - 1 lap)

16: 45h Mixed Benjamin U08 - Year 2014 (400mts - 1 lap)

17: 00h Mixed pre-benjamin U07 - Year 2015/2016 (250mts)

17: 15h Mixed pre-benjamin U7 - Year 2015/2016 (250mts)

Registration: Sold out

Where: Anoeta Mini-Stadium

The youngest of the house will be the main protagonists of the children's races at the Zurich Maratoi Txiki. Up to 500 participants divided into 4 categories will be able to enjoy a unique moment at the Anoeta Mini-Stadium the day before the San Sebastian Marathon. Specifically, it will be on Saturday November 26 in the afternoon when the little ones will be able to emulate their parents by crossing the same arc of arrival. This activity aims to promote the practice of athletics among boys and girls from 6 to 13 years old. In addition, as a reward for their efforts, all participants will receive a medal and supplies to regain strength.


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