November 26th 2023

28 de September de 2022


The planning for the Zurich Maratón San Sebastián consists of 12 specific weeks of preparation. If you have followed our coach’s planning, we are now about to close week 3 of training. It is important to note that this planning is prepared for runners who are not starting from scratch, but are an active runner who has at least been training in the last four weeks prior to the planning.

The planning is characterised by weeks of increasing load where the training gets harder and harder with some lighter weeks where the aim is to recover and assimilate the work done during the previous weeks. During the first few weeks of the plan, you will see that we suggest you do a 5 km or 10 km test to find out your current state of fitness. You will then be able to adjust your training pace or your target finish time according to your reality.

The Clásica Salto 15K Donostia-San Sebastián is part of the preparation and we will use it as a 15 km test to determine that the progression towards the Zurich Maratón San Sebastián is correct. 3 weeks before the marathon, we will do the last important long run at competition pace, when we will also test the material and race nutrition.

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