27 November 2022

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Run for a good cause with migranodearena

The Zurich Maratón San Sebastian has always been committed to solidarity. Due to this and as part of the agreement signed with the Zurich Foundation, we want to promote solidarity crowdfounding to give an additional attraction to your participation so you can turn your sporting challenge into a solidarity challenge, supporting a social cause of your choice and raising funds within your friends, family, work colleagues, etc

This way you will see that the satisfaction of completing your sporting challenge joins the gratifying sensation of contributing to a solidarity cause.

For this, you only must create your solidary challenge in our event Zurich Maratón de San Sebastián, which you will find in the platform migranodearena.org. Choose the cause you are most interested in from among the more than 3.000 non-profit organizations you will find on the platform. 

Moreover, you will have the chance to get one of the 50 FREE solidarity race numbers that we make available to our most solidarity runners. Within the challenges that are created, and if a minimum of 250€ has been raised on November 14, they will receive a free race number at their disposal.

Run for a solidarity cause

How to create a challenge on migranodearena.org

The steps to follow to create your solidarity challenge are very simple:


Go to migranodearena.org, register or log in.


Click the button “Create your challenge”


Select the category ‘Sports event’ and the event ‘Zurich Maratón de San Sebastián 2021’.


Choose the NGO you want to support.


Describe your solidarity challenge: explain your story, add photos and a video, and set the fundraising goal.


Share your solidarity challenge: encourage all your friends and family to collaborate in your challenge to raise the 250€

Z Zurich Foundation

In addition to what you raise with your solidarity challenge, the Z Zurich Foundation supports your solidarity effort by contributing 50% of the total amount you raise to the social causes you have chosen thought your challenges created in migranodearena associated to the event.

In order that the Z Zurich Foundation can support your solidarity challenge, the cause you choose must comply the following criteria:

  • To be a registered charity organization and not and individual or an unregistered organization
  • That the charity organization has good reputation and is transparent about its governance and does not represent any risk for the reputation of Zurich or that of the Z Zurich Foundation.
  • That the charity organization does not promote religion or require that the addressees to belong to a particular religion.
  • That the charity organization is not a political association, candidate or organization that supports military action.
  • That the charity organization is not an animal welfare charity.



To return to run the Zurich Maratón San Sebastian is a gift, doing it for a good cause is now a double opportunity.

If you want to create your solidarity challenge, we can help you, you can contact migranodearena.org at: info@migranodearena.org

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