27 November 2022

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6 de September de 2021


  • The 43rd edition will take place on 28 November with a revamped format, a host of new features and RPM-MKTG and Donosti Eventos at the helm. 
  • Registration is already open at www.zurichmaratonsansebastian.com

The Zurich Maratón San Sebastián, scheduled for 28 November, is back with a bang and the promise of new thrills. The second-oldest marathon in Spain keeps its traditional date on the last Sunday of November, but the new management team, with RPM-MKTG and DONOSTI EVENTOS at the forefront, marks a break with the past. The combination of Grupo Vocento‘s experience in communications and RPM-MKTG’s organisational know-how make it one of the most dynamic unions in Spain and represents a quantum leap for the Maratón de San Sebastián.

The organisers are working on a wide range of new features, a new website and several fringe activities held on the eve of the marathon to make the weekend of the event a big city-wide celebration. Children will get the opportunity to shine in the Txiki Maratón, while companions will have the option to tackle the Gosaria Run together with the marathon runners —a laid-back run leading up to a fun breakfast.

The new organisers have overhauled the race from the bottom up. The race is back with a new visual identity, a fresh image, a course whose least appealing parts have been modified and the involvement of the people of Gipuzkoa through concrete initiatives. From the Gosaria Run and the performances to the Txiki Maratón and the Virtual Marathon, the new Zurich Maratón San Sebastián has something for everyone.

In 2020, the pandemic caused the Maratón de San Sebastián to be cancelled for the first time in its history, which goes all the way back to 1978. The “Beautiful Easo” is therefore more eager than ever to roll out the red carpet for the athletes, who will again get to run in front of La Concha, which regularly tops the rankings of best beaches in Europe. There are many marathons, but only one San Sebastián.

The Zurich Maratón San Sebastián has entered a new phase with vast potential for growth since RPM-MKTG and DONOSTI EVENTOS came on board as its new organisers. The former has ample experience running other prestigious races such as the Zurich Marató Barcelona and the Titan Desert, while the San Sebastián-based firm manages events such as the Donosti Cup and the Carrera de Empresas. Their alliance, combined with Grupo Vocento’s powerful communications platform, gives the Gipuzkoan race unlimited growth potential and an auspicious future.

It goes without saying that the organisers will pull out all the stops to keep runners safe. The rapid pace of vaccination bodes well for a marathon held under almost-normal circumstances. In any case, the race will observe the measures established by the health authorities at the time of the event.

Thousands of athletes will again enjoy one of the most charming cities on Earth, considered the world capital of cuisine. Registration opens on the official event website (www.zurichmaratonsansebastian.com) on 10 August.

See you in autumn.

¡Eskerrik asko! Thank you!

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